BOC in Wolverhampton have replaced their old wet paint system with a new automated powder coating system.

The team at TD Finishing are pleased to announce another successfully installed Powder Coating Plant with automated conveyor load and unload, and Powder Coating Oven. Our customer is already seeing return on investment due to a rapidly increased productivity and better quality finishes.


Automated Powder Coating System

The plant incorporates automated conveyor load and unload, together with online shot blast and powder application booth supplied by Reid Engineering and Gema UK respectively.

The TD conveyor system and 2 zone powder curing oven is controlled via a Siemens PLC system and integrates with the controls on the other equipment.


automated powder coating system at BOC Wolverhampton
automated powder coated system at BOC


Automated Powder Coating Considerations

Here are some basic questions to consider before proceeding with a finishing system that will last for the next 20 to perhaps even 50 years:

  • How many parts will need to be painted per hour, now and 10 to 15 years from now?
  • Are there likely to be vast advancements in any aspect of what is being done currently, such as new pretreatment technology, new coating technology or new curing technology?
  • Will the current processes remain the same? Will continuous improvements allow for new part designs that no longer require masking? Powder instead of liquid? Two-coat powder?
  • Should cart or fork truck transfer be eliminated by using the same overhead conveyor to deliver parts to the paint system from welding and/or then to shipping?


More Details 

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