Permastore Ltd based in Eye, Suffolk, UK have installed a state of the art FBE coating line for sectional steel tanks.

Coating Line Plant

The plant consists of an online spray pretreatment system, manufactured from stainless steel, a Gema colour change FBE booth, drying/preheat oven, Gema Polyester top coat colour change booth, a powder curing oven, all linked together with a heavy duty power and free conveyor system.

This coating plant gives Permastore one of the world’s leading suppliers of glass coated sectional steel tanks the most modern and up to date FBE coating line available.


The Solution…

coating line -TD Finishing

Permastore initially approached TD Finishing and Gema to design a color coating line facility that would coat the full range of the Permastore Epoxy lined tanks. The solution is the most up to date, compact and efficient plant in the marked place.

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More Details

The installation of a full Powder Coating facility for this leading UK manufacturer, has instantly provided increased profitability and return on investment already showing – made possible with the new facility. Additional benefits also include, better control over the finished result and a more premium result.

If you would like more details on how TD Finishing can provide your process line better results, increased productivity and increase your profitability, and guarantee a more premium finish.

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