March 2019 – installation of online and offline Finishing Ovens facilities UK and Ireland

powder coating & paint finishing ovens

TD Finishing have recently finished the installation of several new Finishing-Ovens facilities for one of our regular customers.  The customer is a global company with nine European facilities, three in the USA and one in Asia.  Specialising in the supply of power distribution solutions and protection equipment. Due to growth the client has just acquired and fitted out two brand-new manufacturing facilities each with their own powder coating.  One near Preston, U.K. and the other in Dundalk, Ireland.

Finishing Ovens capabilities

Having already bought three powder coating systems from TD Finishing the customer trusted they were the right plant supplier for the new facilities.  The two new facilities each have an online Finishing-Ovens for the processing of sheet metal at a track speed of up to 1,000 mm/min.   Manual powder booths were also installed on each of these lines.
For larger items and infrequent colours, the customer was also supplied with an offline gas-fired box Finishing Ovens (capacity of 4,200 mm Long x 3,200 mm wide x 3,200 mm high).  This alongside a manual, open-fronted, cartridge-filter powder coating booth allows for greater flexibility and production output from the new facility. To ensure that expected manufacturing capacity is met, the facility was also increased by relocating the existing TD Finishing box oven and manual booth from their facility in Kendal.
The customer has experienced a steady continual growth and now supply a wide range of global industries including data centres, pharmaceutical, energy, power generation and nuclear. They also support hotels, financial institutions, shopping centres offices, media centres.
Due to this high demand on their products, quality and uptime is of paramount importance. td have continued to support their growth, and now the customer has installed three TD Finishing online powder coating systems with manual booths, as well as three off-line manual booths and three TD Finishing box ovens.

Powder coating – a bespoke approach

The powder coating of the clients manufactured Busbars required an altogether different approach.  For this process TD Finishing supplied an automated, indexing, Fusion-bonded-epoxy (FBE) system. This requires each flightbar once loaded with components to go through a process of pre-heating.  This was carried out in the first of two high level gas-fired TD Finishing ovens. Once at temperature the flight bar is transferred at a speed of 8,000 mm/min to the station above the FBE fluidized bed.  Here the components are dipped in to the specially formulated powder, via a highly accurate, HMI-controlled linear drive unit, with transfer speeds ranging from 2-40 m/min. Following dipping the flight bar is then transferred to the second oven for the final curing process to occur.  This system was capable of handling items up to 800 mm high x 800 mm wide x 3,100 mm long and a maximum load of 300 kg.
TD Finishing supply a wide range of industries with paint and powder coating plant, each one is a bespoke and customized solutions for each client’s specific needs.  This means td can supply the wide range of finishing industry requirements, from the open front powder coating booth and box oven. To the fully automated power and free FBE coating systems. td also supply fully automated wet paint facilities, including power and free conveyors, IPC HMI control systems and programable robot paint facilities.

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