Unifabs Ltd expand facility with industrial powder coating system

industrial powder coating system

Unifabs Ltd recently acquired a new factory and nominated TD Finishing to supply their new industrial powder coating system Unifabs are a midlands-based sheet metal manufacturer, since 2007.

The facility consists of a 3-stage degrease phosphate pretreatment, a straight through gas-fired drying oven and a double-pass gas-fired curing oven, all of which was specifically designed for sheet metal powder coating.

The whole system runs at a production rate of 1,500 mm/min with products hung on to a side-mounted monorail conveyor.
The complete system had to be able to handle:

  • High volumes of sheet metal products
  • A range of base sheet metal substrate materials
  • A wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • The ability to change colour quickly with maximum flexibility
  • Environmental considerations including energy consumption
  • Ease of use for operators and training programs available
  • The need to meet the highest quality demands and finish requirements
  • Ongoing support and training requirements in order to support the investment going forward


Installing the industrial powder coating system

Here is what Unifabs had to say regarding the installation of their industrial powder coating system and their experience of working with TD Finishing Ltd;

As a subcontract manufacturer, we produce a wide variety of sheet metal components and products for a range of different industries. These can range from point of sale (POS) and retail applications where the visual quality of the powder coating finish is of the upmost importance, to the HVAC industry where the volume of parts is high, demanding efficient throughput for time and cost savings whilst maintaining consistency and repeatability.

The variety in the shape, size and nature of the work we produce meant we had to select the right powder coating and pre-treatment system to deliver on all these requirements. Not only that, we had to select the right partners to guide us through this process and who could deliver the results we needed.

When we contacted td Finishing ltd to discuss our pre-treatment requirements, we felt immediately confident that we were dealing with experienced professionals who had the knowledge and the appetite to support us through the whole process. Their friendly and consultative approach was just what we needed.

Whilst they understood our business and the specific challenges of subcontract powder coating, they still wanted to take the time to meet us, visit the site and familiarise themselves with our work. All of which enabled them to recommend the right pre-treatment system for our needs and deliver the project within the exact timescale required.

Steve Penney, Paint Shop Operations Manager said of the experience, “TD Finishing’s support and communication was excellent throughout, in fact they’re still just a phone call away any time I need them now. We needed a fast, efficient, high end pre-treatment system and that’s exactly what we got. Even down the quality of the workmanship from the site team, our expectations have been more than met in all our dealings with TD Finishing.

They took the time to understand our needs, recommended the right system, delivered the project on time and kept their word throughout. We are very happy we chose to partner with TD Finishing for our in-line pre-treatment system and we are still getting great value from the relationship. I would strongly recommend them.


Powder booth technology

In this instance the customer selected an automated Gema booth to complement their TD Finishing plant.  Here’s what Gema had to say about their powder booth technology.

“The powder booth is an advanced fast colour change system from market leaders Gema Europe. The booth benefits from the latest innovations including the MagicControl 4.0 Gema’s pioneering interface for Smart Factory Automation, the system control ensures intelligent networking for all application components providing greater efficiency and management of the process.

The system also benefits from the latest OptiFlow powder pump technology, OptiFlow injectors can feed more powder with less compressed air, reducing the wear of the injectors and of the guns and increasing efficiency.

All connections are equipped with a robust quick release mechanism enabling rapid access to all parts and allowing disconnection and reassembly with ease.”

For increased flexibility in the powder coating facility a TD Finishing Box oven was also supplied, to work alongside a new open-fronted powder booth.  This addition gives the flexibility to finish over-sized components, produce short colour runs or even single components, quickly and at a reduced cost.  Without the interference to the continuous production of the main finishing line.


Manual/batch powder coating equipment

As well as the powder coating system described above TD Finishing also supply manual or batch powder coating equipment. Systems which can produce high quantities within more restricted footprints.

These box oven and batch-conveyor powder coating systems can be utilised to work alongside your existing line or as a standalone facility.  If you’d like to know more then please reach out to a member of our team who would be happy to help.


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