New Installation for Commercial Catering Manufacturer

The team at TD Finishing have recently designed, manufactured and installed a full-line Powder Coating facility, Drying Oven and Curing Oven for a leading UK manufacturer.

Welbilt UK, based in Sheffield, with their main head office based in Guilford London. Are leading manufacturers of commercial catering equipment, most commonly known for their popular commercial brand ‘Merry Chef’.

The Merry Chef range of products includes; state-of-the-art, high speed commercial ovens, fryers, ice maker machines and coffee machines used by global high street chains, restaurants and the best in catering – to name just a few of the things they do!


Powder Coating Plant: Installation

TD Finishing met with the team at Welbilt to further discuss their initial enquiry and identify the best possible solution to meet their needs. It was vital to fully understand their requirements for a full-line, in-house Powder Coating facility.

The installation of the new custom-designed facility provides complete in-house finishing ability. The painting and finishing process of all commercial catering equipment manufactured by the Guilford factory, can now be done completely in-house.

David McHugh – UK Operations Systems Manager, Welbilt UK commented;

‘Our company had no previous experience of powder coating, having previously subcontracted this operation, we now have a modern, clean, efficient painting facility operational on our site, all within 6 months of the initial quotation’.



Complete Plant Overview

The Sheffield based factory has undergone quite an addition, with not just a powder coating facility installed. As can be seen on the full image below of the Plant Control Panel (TD Connect).

Powder Coating Facility 
This consists of; Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 chambers, shown below as per the TD Connect Plant Overview control panel.

Powder Coating Facility - Plant Overview
Powder Coating Facility – Plant Overview

Drying Oven

Drying Oven - Plant Overview
Drying Oven – Plant Overview

The next stage of the full installation and this Plant’s process is the Drying Oven, as shown. All areas of the plant are shown in a visual map-style, and can be controlled easily from the TD Connect control panel.

The installation of this facility features both a Drying and a Curing Oven.



Curing Oven - Plant Overview
Curing Oven – Plant Overview

Curing Oven
The final stage of this facility is the Curing Oven, also where the main TD Connect control is located.

Once materials have been through the Curing process, they are automatically moved to the Unload Area via the Overhead Conveyor System, as shown.



TD Connect PLC - Plant Control Panel
TD Connect PLC – Plant Control Panel


NOTE: All areas of this facility detailed above have been designed, manufactured and installed by TD Finishing Ltd.

Spray Booth
The Spray Booth has been seamlessly integrated with all other technology of the facility.


In Summary

The installation of a full Powder Coating facility for this leading UK manufacturer, has instantly provided increased profitability and return on investment already showing – made possible with the new facility. Additional benefits also include, better control over the finished result and a more premium result.

If you would like more details on how TD Finishing can provide your process line better results, increased productivity and increase your profitability, and guarantee a more premium finish.

Contact us for to arrange a consultation, call us on – 0121 520 8884 or email us at –


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