Bridmet have recently increased their powder coating equipment capacity and improved the quality of their finish.

Following new installing a new TD Finishing conveyorised, pre-treatment and powder coating line.

Bridmet are a Dorset based sub-contract manufacturer of metal components and assemblies, who pride themselves on their engineering capabilities, value and quality. With a broad range of experience in industries ranging from medical to renewables, and military to recycling. And who are always pushing forward, continuously improving and innovating within their engineering sector.


Powder coating on a continuous conveyor

The recent addition of a TD Finishing powder coating equipment line means that Bridmet are now able to powder coat on a continuous conveyor.  Products ranging up to 2.2 metres in height, 1.0 metres in width and 4.0 metres inline.

The choice to install an Oxsilan pre-treatment system means they are also able to offer an improved finish and superior corrosion protection.  This system was also supplied with a heavy-duty conveyor, over 190 m in length. Which allows for the coating of products up to 400 kg, whilst specialised conveyor under-guarding protects the finished product from contamination.


Vast experience and knowledge

With their vast experience and knowledge of the industry.  Bridmet knew TD Finishing was the right supplier to choose for their Pretreatment system, RO unit, Conveyor as well as the required drying and curing ovens.  

As TD Finishing are specialists in the design, supply and installation of complete paint and powder coating finishing plants. With decades of combined experience and a focus on quality, engineering, design and above all delivering, on time, the correct system for each of our customers individual needs.  On this occasion the Client chose Gema to supply their automated powder coating booth.  And opted for their magic cylinder system.


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