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Powder Coating Equipment Suppliers

Williams and Oakey based in Somerset recently install a TD Finishing Powder coating plant for heavy aluminium castings.  

The system supplied included a drying oven for pre-treated products, a manual powder coating booth and curing oven.

The product was hung at the load area and spent 15 minutes in the drying oven, following a period of cooling the components passed through two single sided manual powder coating booths.


We can offer advice

Following coating the conveyor travels through the curing oven for a period of up to 45 minutes. Where heavier products are to be coated or thicker material gauge is to be used longer powder curing times are required.  TD Finishing can offer advice on your powder coating requirements for any type of product.


Ease of access

The system was designed to fit in to an area with restricted floor space and roof height.  As such the heaters were side mounted and positioned at low level. This gives the added convenience of ease of access for routine maintenance and systems checks.  

To reduce energy consumptions the ovens were provided with a common wall, and as with all TD Finishing monorail-conveyor ovens were supplied with; Fully-modulating gas & Air package gas burners, 150 mm thick insulated oven panels, negative pressure air-seals and floors within the ovens.


Specialist powder coating equipment suppliers

At TD Finishing we pride ourselves as specialist powder coating equipment suppliers, our process ovens are designed for product specific requirements, in the case of powder coating the oven ducting and air seals are designed for quick ramp up times, as well as low product powder disruption whilst travelling through the air-seal and heat zone.  

All our cure ovens are designed to tight tolerances to process temperature uniformity requirements.  And are profiled during a Temperature Uniformity Survey at commissioning.

This is a continuous running survey using the conveyor to simulate the conditions of any product to be processed through the oven.  Thus, ensuring the correct time and temperature profile is achieved to guarantee your product finish.


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For more information about our Powder Coating Systems visit our website or to discuss your finishing requirements please contact us today on +44 (0) 121 520 8884. We are trusted powder coating equipment suppliers in the UK.

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