Metal Office Upgrade with New Online Pretreatment and Powder Plant

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TD Finishing Spray pretreatment and Powder plant

Metal Office are based in Mildenhall, Suffolk. They are manufacturers of metal office equipment and suppliers of subcontract sheet metal work and powder coating. We’ve just finished replacing their coating facility with a new TD Finishing Spray pretreatment and Powder plant. As a result, increasing the capacity for their own products and their growing subcontract sheet metal and powder coating business.

To fit into the factory workflow, the new facility had to be located in the same place as the existing plant. So, we were required to come up with a unique solution. So, we installed a temporary powder booth and curing oven adjacent to the existing pretreatment. We then re-routed the conveyor circuit through the temporary equipment. As a result, allowing the powder coating to continue during the removal of the old booth and ovens. We then got down to installing the new pretreatment and powder coating plant. It was installed in the position of the old system without production missing a beat. 


Installing the powder coating plant

Limited access to the powder coating area was hindering us from installing the new plant. Therefore, the equipment was positioned via the high-level assembly mezzanine floor. Once completed, we then dismantled and removed the existing pretreatment and temporary equipment.

Investing in the new TD Finishing Powder Coating plant has given Metal Office the ability to increase production, capacity, and quality. The plant is made up of:

  • Three-stage stainless steel pretreatment
  • Single-pass drying oven
  • Gema quick colour change booth
  • Powder curing oven
  • Sidetrack overhead monorail

Metal Office offers a comprehensive subcontract sheet metal and powder coating facility to Suffolk and the surrounding areas. Email for more information. 


Powder coating equipment in the UK

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