powder coating services

The Automotive and Aerospace group GKN chose TD Finishing Limited to install its new powder coating plant for their heavy wheels division based at the Telford site.

Due to an increase in production volumes the requirement for a new powder coating facility was identified.


The preferred top coat

Working in conjunction with their customers, it was identified that powder coating was the modern preferred top coat finish. With extensive tests at GEMA in Switzerland, powder application methods, film thickness and Finishing Ovens requirement were determined.


Enhancing production

The powder coating plant was specially designed to integrate with the existing pre-treatment plant. TD Finishing Ltd designed the Finishing Ovens to wrap around the existing building columns and roof structure, the result being a compact, efficient facility arrangement that enhances the production flow through the powder finishing plant.


Easy maintenance and servicing

The powder coating conveyor plant operates at a speed of 3.5 meters/min and can handle wheels up to a weight of 275kg. The curing oven is a direct gas fired oven with 3 heater units. Each with 2 indirect driven multivane circulation fans and gas & air modulating burners. The circulation fans and burners are all located at shop floor level for ease of maintenance and servicing.

Heavy wheels are manually hung on the overhead monorail conveyor on the load area, the product pass through the powder coating booth before entering the multi pass direct gas fired curing oven for a period 60 minutes in the heat zone at the temperature of 200°C (max 250°C). The wheel exits the oven and after a period of 77 minutes of natural cooling products pass to the unload area.

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