powder coating line

Permastore Ltd based in Eye, Suffolk, UK have installed a state of the art FBE powder coating line for sectional steel tanks. 

The plant consists of an online spray pre-treatment system, fully manufactured from stainless steel. Also included, is a Gema colour change FBE booth, drying/preheat oven, Gema Polyester topcoat colour change booth, and a powder curing oven. All linked together with a heavy-duty power and free conveyor system.


How does the powder coating line work?

Permastore initially approached TD Finishing and Gema to design a colour coating line facility. One that would coat the full range of the Permastore Epoxy lined tanks. The solution is the most up to date, compact and efficient plant in the marketplace. The FBE powder coating line was designed and supplied to the customers requirements, and in-line with their coating supplier’s specification.

The sheets ranged from 2mm to 12mm, and loaded onto the stationary flightbar, before being transported through the three-stage pre-treatment plant.  Following pre-treatment, the sheets are dried in the direct gas-fired drying oven. The drying oven doubles up as a preheat oven. Process time and temperature varies depending on sheet thickness. Once preheated, the sheet is quickly transported to the FBE coating booth. At this stage, the primer coating is applied.


Specialist Powder Coating Systems

Thicker than a standard powder coating, TD Finishing have developed several specialist systems to ensure consistent high-quality production output. In a typical FBE system, the material substrate is heated to between 180-250°C. When the coating is applied the high temperature causes the resin and hardener to react with heat, flow into a liquid and then harden. This is caused by a process of chemical cross-linking, known as fusion bonding.  

Once the sheet has cooled, a coloured top-coat is applied to one or both sides. The product is then post cured in a second oven, running between 180 and 200°C. The time again will vary related to the sheet thickness. The entire process being controlled, logged and reported by the easy to operate and intuitive HMI/PLC control system. The HMI can log flight bar, product thickness and process details to each job/project. 

This type of powder coating plant gives Permastore one of the world’s leading suppliers of glass coated sectional steel tanks, the most modern and up to date FBE powder coating line available.


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