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The team at TD Finishing are highly experienced powder coating equipment manufacturers. As a result of our experience, we are able to provide industrial powder coating equipment to a wide range of industries. Our powder coating systems for sale are all manufactured to the highest standards and can be made for both small and large businesses. HTA ltd have recently installed a series of new powder coating machinery. The facilities include a brand-new powder coating line. The investment in the UK powder coating equipment consisted of silane-based spray powder coating pre-treatment equipment, a RO Water system, drying oven, curing oven and a heavy-duty Conveyor, with a flight bar load rating of 200 kg.  Alongside this, TD Finishing’s latest Industrial PC control system. The client in this case also chose Gema to work alongside TD Finishing – providing a state-of-the-art Gema automated online powder-booth. 


TD Finishing Powder Coating Plant

HTA ltd are one of the largest subcontract suppliers of laser cut parts, sheet metal components and fabricated assemblies. Their continued investment in manufacturing technology, alongside robust process and control systems enables them to ensure the business can support all the needs of their customers.  Their customers form a broad range of industries including; automotive, defence, oil & gas, rail, earth moving machinery, power generation, electronics & switchgear and transportation.

For sheet metal processing, the new industrial finishing plant can accept product up to 1.5m high x 0.8m wide x 3.6m long and runs at an average process speed of 1.5m/min. The control system utilises the latest TD Finishing Industrial PC, which you can read more about hereAs at HTA, TD Finishing installed several large-scale silane-based pre-treatment systems in 2018.  Most of which were completely new lines, a good sign for British manufacturing.  Whilst others replaced existing phosphate-based systems. There are many benefits to a siliane-based td facility which we have listed below.

More environmentally friendly

Silane based pre-treatments require no heating in the treatment stage, reducing gas & water consumption, running costs and maintenance. Tighter restrictions and controls on traditional chemicals.  Such as phosphating and chromating, have made the more sustainable and environmentally friendly chemicals very appealing. 


Better corrosion resistance

Not only are the silane pre-treatments more eco-friendly, they vastly improve the corrosion resistance of various different materials.  Silane products in terms of quality can be used as a direct replacement for zinc phosphating and chromating processes.  



Industrial change towards multi-material design is also becoming vastly important.  The trend towards lower weight, more stylish design along with increased safety, means multi-metal component manufacturing is on the increase.  Silane based pre-treatments allow for the processing and surface treatment of all common metals and alloys, in any combination on a single line.  Reducing capital plant investment as well as long-term running costs.  


Reduced Lifetime Costs

A Silane based solution means the new chemical process for our customers is free from heavy metals and phosphates.  This removes the risk of an expensive accidental discharge of these materials into inland or coastal waters.  The Silane process also results in a 95% reduction of sludge.  Reducing the requirement for effluent treatment capabilities, as well as mechanical and chemical cleaning intervention during the life-time of the powder coat equipment



 As legislation and research progress the likelihood of a customer changing their requirements or specifications increases.  Driven by the automotive industry, there has been a continuous movement in the general industry towards increased corrosion resistance, with increased salt spray requirements. TD Finishing pre-treatment and professional powder coating equipment is highly adaptable and can be future-proofed for a variety of different chemical regimes.  Should the requirement to change arise in the future.  


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