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C & O Powder Coaters in St Helens, England have, as phase one of their overall growth plan, installed a new powder coating system into their current plant. 

This incorporates a Gema Automatic quick colour change booth with manual gun touch in facility, TD Finishing two pass Powder Curing Oven and a Side track overhead conveyor system.

The facility has been integrated into C & O Powder Coaters existing powder coating system site at Brindley Road, Saint Helens. The powder coating plant was installed during normal working hours whilst production was still in progress.  This removed the need for loss of production or profit, ensuring business continued as smoothly as normal practice.



The two pass Direct fired Powder Curing oven utilises state of the art Gas and Air modulating burner. This gives the most efficient gas usage possible in the industry. Together, this incorporated with TD Finishing’s air distribution system and negative air seals gives C & O Powder Coaters, a Powder Plant capable of satisfying it’s customers with the turnaround and quality expected from one of the countries leading subcontract aluminium pretreatment and powder coaters.

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