powder coating system installation

TD Finishing recently finished installing and commissioning of a complete powder coating plant at Rack Systems. The powder coating system installation was inclusive of a 3-stage spray pre-treatment system with Degrease/cleaner, rinse along with a final clean water-rinse ring stage.

A double pass, gas-fired drying oven, one off side mounted conveyor system and a large two pass curing oven. Designed for the finishing in powder coat of a premier office furniture product and at speeds of up to 2 m/min.
Rack Systems based in Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire.  Recognised they had the requirement to expand their manufacturing facility and opted to build a new factory next to their existing site.  

Growing success

Their growing success meant they also required a second powder coating facility. Opting to install a TD Finishing system, td mirrored the existing plant leaving the load and unload areas for both facilities parallel to each other in the centre of the factory.  
The growing realisation that ergonomic furniture can offer huge advantages when facing physiological musculoskeletal problems caused by a sedentary work life, means that Rack’s sit stand desk production has increased dramatically over the past few years.

The export market

With the largest proportion of those manufactured going to the export market.  The majority of which are European customers where policy across certain countries mandates such equipment for their office staff.
Such a world class product requires a world class finish.  

A smooth installation process

And as such to complete the system, Rack once again selected Gema for their powder coating booth and application equipment to work alongside TD Finishing.  Thus, ensuring that the whole installation process went smoothly, the equipment worked in unison, and the finished product was perfectly finished and ready for packaging.  
if you are looking to increase your powder coating capabilities, improve your powder coating line, upgrade or improve your products finish/ corrosion resistance then do not hesitate contact TD Finishing today to discuss; pre-treatment, drying ovens, curing ovens, powder coating equipment and wet spray facilities.

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