Powder Coating Systems Provider Teams Up With University

powder coating system graduate work placements

TD Finishing a Powder Coating Systems provider are working together with Wolverhampton University with the integration of graduates into business. The ‘BiG’ scheme run by Wolverhampton University’s faculty of science and engineering based at the Wolverhampton Science Park helps graduates with applying their academic skills and qualification into a working environment.
BiG (business interfacing graduates) enables businesses to get the benefits of new graduate minds working on projects, supported by professionals and academics at the university. Graduates recruited by BiG have access to the latest design software and analysis tools, meaning the best solutions can be applied to the development of the project.
TD Finishing are looking for the graduate to develop 3D design drawings for their range of finishing equipment including Pretreatment , Ovens and Handling Systems.
The 3D drawings to be prepared are of an on line Spray Pretreatment and Powder Coating system consisting of:
5 stage on line pretreatment plant utilising Chemetal Oxsilan process for treating multimetals to high corrosion standards. The pretreatment manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, is typical of the pretreatment systems TD Finishing are supplying into the UK market place.
Single pass direct gas fired drying oven with capability to reach temperature in excess of 200 degrees centigrade, utilising the up to date fully modulating combustion gas burners.
Two pass direct gas fired powder curing oven, also utilising the fully modulating combustion gas burners to give not only the most efficient gas running consumption, but also allowing the oven to run at the most efficient operating temperature.
Side mounted overhead monorail conveyor system, complete with caterpillar drive, pneumatic tension unit and automatic lubrication system.
The system is controlled via a standard TD Finishing free standing control panel, integrating digital temperature and sequential plant start up and shut down.
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