Replacement Powder Curing Oven For Automated Garage Door Manufacturer

Finishing System

A recent installation of a straight through powder curing oven has just been commissioned and is now fully operational. The customer, a world leading manufacturer of garage doors came to TD Finishing. Following their enquiry, it became obvious their existing cure oven needed to be replaced.

An Upgraded Powder Curing Oven Installation

The customers existing 26.4-metre-long straight-through powder curing oven was coming to the end of its serviceable life. The equipment had become inefficient and replacement parts were becoming harder to find. Relying on an old piece of equipment such as this can become a serious concern for a high-production factory. The customer was also looking to increase production rates by increasing track speed, and so turned to TD for help. The curing oven was replaced with an even larger one at 30 metres long and can accept a product 2.45 metres in height and 160 millimetres wide.


Going the Extra Mile

The new oven was installed next to the existing one, and the conveyor circuit was connected out of working hours. TD Finishing also supplied a new gas-line connection from the clients existing supply to the new ovens two burners. The entire installation, including delivery was done to the customers schedule and entirely without interruption to any of their on-going manufacturing. This was a critical aspect of the project and something that TD worked closely with the client to ensure uptime was maintained. The old oven has since been removed and the new space utilised very effectively for WIP storage and racking.


Reaping the Benefits

The customer has now been running in full production for several weeks. They have reduced their morning warmup time from well over an hour to only 20 minutes. Due to the excellent temperature uniformity within the oven, they have been able to increase the track speed beyond their original specification and are very satisfied with the final powder curing results.
Our new and valued client chose TD Finishing due to their well-earned reputation within the industry. With an eye for quality coupled with decades of experience, td were able to offer a complete turnkey solution for the oven. After visiting a few recent installations, the customer was sure td were the right people to supply their new equipment.


Choosing TD Finishing

Td finishing supply some of the largest manufacturing companies in the U.K as well as many SME’s and start-ups with their finishing system requirements. They have a wealth of experience supplying finishing systems spanning many decades. With a proven track record of supplying equipment that is tailor made for the job, is of excellent quality and highly reliable. Many of our customers return time and again to td for updates, plant extensions and relocation. With several of them recently returning for additional systems to cope with their growing manufacturing demand.

TD Finishing not only support their customers from enquiry through to commissioning, but offer continued advice, support and servicing through the life of the system. They always ensure every project is finished on schedule, on budget and to the client’s satisfaction.
Often TD Finishing are asked to return to client’s site to ensure its continued operational excellence. To ensure everyone from operators to management are sure of the operational requirements of their equipment.



In this instance the client Chose Nordson UK to supply the replacement powder coating booth.


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Staff turnover and skill fade can become significant issues, but td are always on hand to assist with any customer queries. Ensuring you always have the right people operating, monitoring and maintaining your investment in the correct manner. Guarantees; reliability, expenditure and manufacturing-quality requirements are always met.

For more information on our powder curing oven installation services, head to our website today. Or, call 0121 520 8884 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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