Pre-treatment system – Ideal boilers upgrading their powder coating facility

pre-treatment system

Ideal boilers have just upgraded their powder coating facility, choosing to install a TD Finishing 5-stage Oxsilan pre-treatment system and powder coating plant.

TD Finishing supplied a lengthy pre-treatment facility over 34 metres in length. With a 20% additional capacity to cope with increased future production requirements. A dedicated Reverse Osmosis system with UV sterilisation, processing up to 1,000 litres per hour.

A highly efficient drying oven, as well as a 21.2-metre-long by 5.4-metre-wide, 4-pass curing oven.  To increase efficiency of the plant a stainless-steel plate coil in tank one was connected to aluminium finned, carbon-steel heat exchanger in the oven exhaust flue.

A pumped circuit allows for the utilisation of would-be waste heat to supplement the heating of stage one in the pre-treatment, reducing gas usage.


Heavy Duty Side Track Conveyor

A 279-metre-long, heavy duty side track conveyor was supplied giving the customer a pendant load of up to 75 kg and variable speeds ranging up to 5 metres per minute.  As the client was moving from a 3-stage degrease phosphate to a 5-stage Oxsilan pre-treatment. The conveyor system was installed and commissioned with a short circuit loop.  

This allows the customer to prove the new system prior to decommissioning their existing plant. Once satisfied the client will be able to switch off their old system and connect the additional conveyor.  Allowing them to negate any loss in production and keep the existing product flow through the factory.

TD Finishing have also supplied a lab room for the processing of the pre-treatment chemical titration tests and a silk-screening room.  The doors of which include panic latch, euro profile locks and door closers. Vision panels were supplied within the doors and walls and all panels inclusive of insulation for acoustic purposes.


Personal Safety is Always a Priority

In addition, for personnel safety purposes the ovens were supplied with access ladders and platforms.  LEV test ports can then be accessed safely and easily, as well as giving quick access to the fans and burners where applicable.  

Further safety was provided by a pair of fortress door key exchange systems. Positioned in the control panel door, once removed these keys isolate the control of the oven burners and allow access in to the drying or curing oven.  This prevents oven operation whilst ever there is the potential for personnel to be inside.


Powder Coating Booth

On this occasion Ideal Boilers selected Gema to work alongside TD Finishing to provide their powder coating booth.  The powder booth design is the popular Magic system which is fitted with 14 Smart Inline Technology (SIT) pumps.  The SIT pumps allow complete control and repeatability of the powder application process.

The automation system is the latest innovation from Gema, the Magic Control 4.0, this is Industry 4.0 ready for seamless interface with the factory data management systems.  The automatic application guns are mounted on bespoke pivot tables to allow the guns to track the product hanging angle and optimise powder transfer and distribution.

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