Pretreatment and Powder Plant – Worcester Bosch install new online plant

pretreatment and powder plant

Worcester Bosch at Claycross part of the Bosch Thermo Technic group have installed a new Pretreatment and Powder plant for their range of Domestic Boilers. The new plant was installed adjacent to the existing plant to ensure no productionpretreatment and powder plant machinery down time was experienced. TD Finishing and Gema Europe installed the equipment during early 2016 on budget, in the time frame  and with production down time.

Pretreatment and Powder Plant Set Up

he pretreatment and powder plant consisted of a 3 stage on line Iron Phosphate spray pretreatment, single pass drying oven twin pass powder curing oven, side mounted conveyor and  RO water system.

The stainless steel constructed pretreatment and powder plant incorporated CPVC spray pipes with quick release couplers and nozzles.

The RO water system produces all the process water for the plant and maintains a constant water quality and therefore improves the pretreatment finish. An Ultra violet lamp facility incorporated in the the RO plant design removes any possible problems from legionella being present in the  process waters.

The side track conveyor system ensures no debit from the conveyor contaminates the work with work being hung from special design hanging attachments.

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