Oxsilan Powder Coating Pretreatment Plant

Oxsilan Powder Coating Pre-Treatment Plant

TD Finishing Ltd are leading suppliers of powder coating facilities such as Oxsilan pretreatment plants. Powder coating pretreatment is vital to the powder coating process. In fact, if the pretreatment isn’t completed correctly, the performance of the actual powder coating paint can be compromised.


Installing A Powder Coating Facility

We install and replace powder coating facilities for a wide range of industries. For instance, a prestigious domestic appliance manufacturer awarded TD Finishing Ltd a contract to provide their replacement powder coating facility. They opted to replace their ageing phosphate pretreatment line in order to facilitate a wide range of powder coating requirements. At TD Finishing Ltd, we have lots of pretreatment solutions systems to choose from. This client in particular wanted a more modern, and more environmentally friendly solution. Therefore, it was decided that an Oxsilan pretreatment system would be the best powder coating pretreatment plant for the job. We updated their drying and powder curing ovens, ensuring that they had a better performance too. We also upgraded their Finishing Ovens to more efficient TD Finishing ovens. These featured fully modulating gas and air burners, as well as a negative air-seal system.


5-Stage Oxsilan Spray Powder Coating Pretreatment Plant

The 5-stage Oxsilan spray powder coating pretreatment plant offers many advantages over traditional pretreatment lines. They can boast comparable quality to zinc-phosphating. The first advantage being the ambient bath temperature, offering lower gas consumption and running costs. Secondly, the treatment is free of hazardous metals (no heavy metal water treatment required). At the same time, it provides superior corrosion resistance on multi-metal components. It also requires no activation or passivisation stage, and has been proven in a wide variety applications, giving up to 1,000 hours salt spray test.  


Pretreatment Plant Experts

TD Finishing fully understands what is required of the powder coating equipment in order to work with the chemistry for Oxsilan. Key factors include, spray times, extraction requirements, drain zones and a Demin water supply. All are extremely important when choosing a plant that will not only maximise efficiency, but ensure the selected coatings work to their optimal performance. 


Bespoke Solutions

To further improve efficiency, in this instance TD Finishing also installed an air to water heat recovery system. This supplements the fully modulating burner, in the Stage-1 Alkali Degrease Cleaner, with waste heat from the powder coating oven exhaust.
The system above was delivered with a side mounted conveyor system, preventing contamination to the painted components. While a specially designed carrier was supplied to ensure the products were accurately located on to the line consistently and quickly, in a high production environment.


Excellent Service

Providing bespoke powder coating plants is just one example of how TD Finishing Ltd go the extra mile. We’re determined to create, and install, a solution that provides you with everything your business requires. With our expert knowledge and experience, we’ll provide you with a powder coating system that is perfect for your business.

For more information about our Oxsilan Powder Coating Pretreatment Plant services, head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0121 520 8884 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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pretreatment systems settlement tank

Pretreatment Systems Decontamination

Pretreatment systems operate by dipping components or spraying a product as it is conveyed through the system. It can become an inherently messy processes.  Once a water-based tank becomes over-saturated with oil, grease and dirt from recently manufactured components, it will gradually decrease in its ability to operate to the specification for which it was designed.


The Importance of System Maintenance

The longer a system runs without scheduled maintenance clean down and replenish, the further away from its design parameters it will become.  The problem can be exacerbated if a particularly “dirty” process is required to manufacture a product that requires pre-treatment. Such as deep-drawn dished components or bowls.  

There are several ways to minimise the effects of such materials in a pre-treatment process.  Which can include simply draining the tanks, disposing of the solution, then replenishing the water and chemical following a thorough clean down of the inside.  This can have a negative effect on process costs, which includes increased downtime, lost production and chemical usage.

Where a lot of contamination is to be expected TD Finishing can supply ancillary machines to complement their range of pre-treatment systems.


Floating or Sinking

Whether dip or spray contamination can take one of two forms, floating and sinking.  However due to the active nature of the systems, pumped spray in the conveyorised system and pumped agitation in the case of dip pre-treatment, the problem contamination remains in suspension until the system is at rest.  It is here that the problem is most obvious.


Pretreatment Systems

TD Finishing offers three solutions to complement their pretreatment systems and these include;

  1. An oil skimming system for floating contamination
  2. A settlement tank for sinking contamination, and
  3. A combined settlement tank with an oil skimming facility

In all cases, the fluid from the tanks is removed. This is via a diaphragm pump during the process. It is placed into a buffer zone where contaminations are allowed to fall out of suspension. Here it will either float on the surface or sink to the bottom of the tank.  A series of valves and adjustable drains allow for the removal of the contamination to a designated container. Whilst the decontaminated process solution is moved to an outflow tank before being fed under gravity back into the process.


Get in Touch

If you are looking for a solution to your spray pretreatment system maintenance issues or require a more convenient solution to your dip tank contamination removal.  Then why not contact TD Finishing today on 0121 520 8884 or email info@tdfinishing.co.uk

We can also assist with full powder coating systems, Demin water units, drying & curing ovens, conveyor systems, overhead gantry cranes and dip tanks.

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