Industrial Powder Coating Systems: Designed, Delivered & Installed!

When it comes to industrial Paint and Powder Systems, TD Finishing provides all aspects from concept to fully installed completion!

Over the past 20 years TD finishing’s industrial powerhouse of powder coating systems have been installed all over the world. We specialise in a wide range of systems, from small batch systems to large scale complete finishing systems.

Many of the customers we cater for are large manufacturers themselves in need of professional and industrial powder coating plant, paint systems, spray and dip pre-treatment systems, drying and curing ovens.


Full-Service Solutions, from Concept to Completion!

All industrial powder and paint, drying and curing ovens we supply, we design and manufacture. Each plant we manufacture is made-to-order, and designed to meet the customers exact requirements.

Some customers already have an industrial powder coating system in place, and simply require an addition. Other customers seek full solutions, designed from the ground up. This means, they do not have an industrial paint plant, and need everything required to make an operational facility.

TD Finishing specialises in this area the most, and has catered for many big brands who have decided enough is enough with outsourcing, and have decided to establish their own in-house facilities. We have seen an increase in companies taking this route, since the economic restrictions we have all faced over the past two years.

Being a full-service provider means we can work directly with the customer to design each and every part of their industrial paint plant.

Fully Installed Powder Coating Facility

Designed, Manufactured, Installed & Delivered

Many people fail to understand not all companies provide all aspects, overlooking this can result in more costs than was anticipated. TD Finishing are the ONLY company you will need to design, manufacture, deliver and install your new industrial powder coating line, whether that be only one area or the whole facility.

When you invest in a TD Finishing powder coating or wet paint system you can expect a direct and personal service, our dedicated installation teams will be there from the point off offloading the equipment until the system is commissioned and ready to start production. If your old plant requires removal, we can also do that!

Once your new plant is installed, full testing then takes place to make sure everything is operating as it should, and as efficiently as it should.


Operator Training

Once we’ve all had a cup of tea, and we’re happy that everything is working as expected we then take the time to show your plant operators how to work the control panel and the machinery installed.

Operator training is carried out to suit you and your shift patterns, we also engage the factory maintenance and management during training to ensure a seamless handover from install to full production.


More Details

If you’d like more details on how TD Finishing can provide your company in-house professional, industrial paint and powder coating facilities. Visit our new website –, contact us on – 0121 520 8884 or email us directly at –

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