Powder coating line in 3D benefits from graduate student engineer

powder coating

TD Finishing appoints a graduate student engineer to design the powder coating line.

Thanks to the BIG project in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton the engineer spent 6 weeks in designing the powder coating line at Salop Powder Coating Ltd, Shrewsbury in 3D.

The decision to design the Salop Plant was based on the fact that the site was local to Wolverhampton University and is a typical TD Finishing powder coating facility.


Eco-friendly, high performance pre-treatment

The plant is the second line TD Finishing installed for Salop Powder Coating. The plant is an oxsilan powder coating line which is an eco-friendly high-performance pre-treatment and Powder Coating facility. The first installation was a multi-metal Iron Phosphate pre-treatment process and Powder Coating system for general industry products.

The student reviewed the original detail design drawings with the objective to transpose into 3D CAD realistic rendering. With 2D technical drawings each part had to be redesigned designed to give an accurate 3D assembly. Three site visits to Shrewsbury were carried out to visualise the plant in situ.

The students personal experience coming from 8 years studying 3D CAD, allowed the design project of the powder coating plant to be completed in 5 weeks. The calculations for the spray pre-treatment, ovens, fans and burners dimensions were also carried out for the project. This process was automated by creating Excel sheets and can also be now used for quick calculations on future contracts.


Easier visual representation

Since March  skills into 3D CAD with Autodesk Inventor. Now we can introduce the powder coating process in 3D to our customer for easier visual representation. We could propose to give a rendering 3D view of the ordered powder coating line at the end of the project.

Manufacturing, technical and assembly drawings can be edited with AutoCAD for manually details if it is required.  Once a part is created and stored in the parts library, it can use for other plants by editing the dimensions to produce a full detail drawing. Thanks to 3D CAD are working towards an automated design process.

The student also the iLogic Basics and the Sheet metal design courses with the Autodesk 3D provider, Cadspec to increase his 3D design skills. The long-term objective is to automate drawings by using the iLogic module in Inventor. By filling a user form with parameters, it could have the 3D powder coating line, the flat pattern and the detail drawings generated automatically.

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