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Industrial Drying Oven Solutions At TD Finishing

TD Finishing is one of the country’s leading suppliers of industrial powder coating equipment including industrial drying oven solutions. In fact, we have plenty of experience designing and supplying industrial dryers and ovens that are suitable for use across a wide range of industries. This is including pre-treatment, NDT, paint, coatings, and aerospace. 

We supply all of our oven dryers with:

  • Pressure relief panels in the roof made of rockwool and composition sheeting
  • Purpose made insulated oven panels, with integral structural construction
  • Internal ducting, which we individually design to suit each client’s product and process requirements 
  • Fully adjustable heat distribution
  • Insulated floors
  • A heater unit containing gas, oil, steam or electric heating a long with an efficient T.E.F.C. electric circulation fan
  • Where applicable the dryer will also be supplied with an exhaust fan or negative pressure air-seals ducted to atmosphere

TD Finishing has the best powder coating equipment and can supply your industrial drying oven to suit any type of drying process and in any of the following options. 


Box Oven Dryer

We supply box oven dryers for batch processing and oversized items. These are available with electric or gas-fired heating systems and we can make them to suit any size of product or process. We also supply them with an overhead rail for loading of heavy components. Or, with a plate-steel floor when you will be utilising trolleys and other methods.


Well Oven Dryer

Well oven dryers are for in the batch processing of pre-treated components. Therefore, we typically supply them for the end of a pre-treatment system. They are available with or without lids of manual or pneumatic operations. You can utilise well type dryers using an overhead gantry crane or power and free systems with automated track drop sections. 


Monorail Conveyor Dryer

If you are continuously using an overhead conveyor, there are plenty of dryers here at TD Finishing to choose from. Additionally, we can accommodate any track length or speed too. We supply the conveyor type dryers with negative air-pressure seals, fully modulating burners, and specialised drying distribution ducting to suit the client’s product.  Where applicable Infra-red dryers can also be supplied. 


Belt Conveyor Dryer

Where a process is not suitable for hanging but requires a continuous drying process, we can supply belt conveyor systems. This is ideal for cookware, glass, electronics, and small mass-produced components including fixings and fasteners. 


Bespoke Industrial Drying Oven Solutions

We supply all our oven dryers with customised control system to suit any needs. Additionally, should you require it, we can offer a wide range of data acquisition and systems too. Suitable for intranet connections and industry 4.0 and integrated into a new or existing system. 

If you are looking for an industrial drying oven or would like to find out more about our drying ovens, then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0121 520 8884 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. Or, email


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