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Qualicoat Powder Coating Facilities at TD Finishing

Here at TD Finishing, as one of the country’s leading suppliers of UK powder coating systems, we are proud to provide systems that can help companies meet the Qualicoat specifications. Our powder paint systems can be installed on a wide range of business sites. We work hard to be as flexible as we can when it comes to creating bespoke paint plant solutions. We treat every client individually. Going the extra mile with our experience and expertise to install powder coating facilities that are perfect for your business and its requirements.

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What is Qualicoat?

Qualicoat is a set of certified powder coating standards that most businesses will aim to meet. The aim of the Qualicoat Specification is to establish the minimum requirements which plant installations, organic coating materials, chemical conversion materials, processes and finished products shall meet. For the powder coating of aluminium for architectural applications, TD Finishing has supplied many pre-treatment and powder coating facilities. The pre-treatment plant and powder coating facility parameters are set out in the Qualicoat standards (15th Edition). This governs drying and curing oven temperatures, water quality, the pre-treatment testing schedule, as well as the production process and equipment inspections.


Improve quality and reduce cost

A lot of TD Finishing’s clients are looking to bring production in house. Allowing them to improve quality, reduce cost and unnecessary transport for rejected components. Bringing the control in the house can be particularly crucial for companies seeking to gain Qualicoat approval.

Two recent powder plant installations by TD Finishing included a dip pre-treatment system, as well as a power & free powder coating and curing system.  The products would be placed into baskets and manually transported through the 7-stage dip pre-treatment using an electrically driven hoist system. After the pre-treatment,  the products would be dried in the direct gas-fired wall oven.

Following drying, the products would be hung on to a flight bar at the load area of the power and & free conveyor. The flight bar is then manually manoeuvred into position at the front of the Powder booth. It is then driven through an auto powder booth and then through the single-pass direct gas-fired curing oven. Finally, the flight bar exits the oven and is driven to the bend for manual offloading once cooled. Both systems employed an Alkali Cleaner, Acid etch and the latest chrome-free treatment.


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salt spray testing

Salt spray testing – Results from TD Finishing Systems

Where required TD Finishing can advise on and provide equipment for powder coating products that are required to withstand up to 1,000-hour salt spray testing. Salt spray testing is a standardised method of testing corrosion resistance across a variety of materials and surface coatings.

The testing apparatus used accelerates the corrosion of materials through the creation of a hostile environment within the test chamber.  It achieves this by atomising saltwater into a mist.

The corrosive attack on coated samples is timed and periodically checked. Coatings offering better corrosion resistance will be expected to last longer before showing signs of deterioration and rust.


Salt Spray Testing

Typically for Aluminium coating including for Qualicoat approval a series of dip-tanks for pre-treatment. It will include a combination of caustic/acid etch, towns rinse, Demin rinses and non-chrome treatment.

For contract powder coating and OEM manufacturers of mild steel components, there is an increasing trend of non-chrome conversion coatings utilising a multi-stage spray system with a series of cleaner, conversion coating and Demin rinses.


What are the Benefits of Salt Spray Testing?

Salt spray testing is reliable, quick, repeatable and very well standardised. It makes it a popular benchmark for the testing of corrosion resistance of coatings.  Although it’s not a perfect representation of real-life corrosive environments. It also does not account for U.V, degradation of powder coatings for example.

It is however long-established and quick. This means it can be used to predict corrosion resistance. Not only this, but to ensure continued quality control of a pre-treatment and coating process.

Shorter tests can be carried out during production to ensure each batch has been treated correctly and the complete finishing system is working as designed.


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