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Spray Pre-Treatment Systems & Plants: Designed & Manufactured

by TD Finishing Ltd
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Spray Pre-Treatment is conducted for the same reason Dip Pre-Treatment is carried out, this is simply just a different type of the same process.

Spray Pre-Treatment is another area of commercial and industrial paint and powder finishing systems that TD Finishing specialise in. Each system, plant and finishing line we manufacture, we also install – with the ability to also remove your old plant, prior to installation if required.


The Purpose of Spray Pre-Treatment

Much like Dip Tank Pre-Treatment, Spray Pre-Treatment is a process carried out on metal products prior to applying powder coating or painted finishes. Pre-Treatment, whether that be Spray or Dip Tank is a chemical cleaning process that cleans the metal substrate ready for paint or powder application.



The Difference Between Spray Pre-Treatment & Dip Pre-Treatment

Spray Systems
Spray Pre-Treatment systems are generally used for higher output operations, designed with an overhead conveyor system that runs the metal products into the spray tunnel, which features an internal spray system. The large spray tunnel is divided into numerous stages comprising of chemical and water rinse stages and correctly designed drain zones.  The overhead conveyor carries the metal components through the various stages at a designated speed with each stage designed to give the correct process time in each zone, timings are specified by the chemical process being used.


Dip Tank Systems
Dip Tank Pre-Treatment systems can consist of anything from a simple 3 stage system with manual gantry through to a Qualicoat approved 11 stage plant.

TD Finishing dip pretreatment plants are supplied as complete systems with options to cover all requirements:

  • Stainless steel tanks with insulation where required
  • Tank heating with gas and electric heating options
  • Water treatment and processing equipment – RO units, pH correction, effluent treatment, settlement systems
  • Lip extraction on higher temperature stages
  • Product handling by manual gantry or automated transporters
  • Full control systems with TD Connect PLC option

TD Finishing design and manufacture both types of Pre-Treatment Systems, made-to-order in any size or specification required. Whatever type of plant you require we can provide your exact requirement, specifically designed for your products and your company.


More Details

If you’d like more details on how TD Finishing can provide your company an in-house professional, industrial Spray Pre-Treatment Plant or process line. Visit our new website – tdfinishing.co.uk, contact us on – 0121 520 8884 or email us directly at – info@tdfinishing.co.uk.

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