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Dip Pre-Treatment Plant Manufacturers: Made in the UK

by TD Finishing Ltd
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TD Finishing design, manufacture and supply Pre-Treatment Systems and full plant installations, made-to-order for customers throughout the UK and overseas.

Dip Pre-Treatment is another area of commercial and industrial paint and powder finishing systems that TD Finishing specialise in. Each system, plant and finishing line we manufacture, is installed directly by our dedicated installation teams – with the ability to also remove your old plant, prior to installation if required.


The Dip Pre-Treatment Cleaning Process

Dip Pre-Treatment is a process carried out for metal products which are ‘Pre-Treated’ prior to either a paint or a powder coated finish being applied. Pre-Treatment is especially important when a powder coated finish is to be applied.

Systems can range from a basic degrease/phosphate and rinse, to a system which has nine or more stages, including acid and non-chrome processes. There are various types all dependant on the plant you’re looking to develop and the finish your products require.

TD Finishing dip pretreatment plants are supplied as complete systems with options to cover all requirements:

  • Stainless steel tanks with insulation where required
  • Tank heating with gas and electric heating options
  • Water treatment and processing equipment – RO units, pH correction, effluent treatment, settlement systems
  • Lip extraction on higher temperature stages
  • Product handling by manual gantry or automated transporters
  • Full control systems with TD Connect PLC option

We also offer spray pre-treatment lines with a conveyor system that can run through a series of specifically designed spray zones.


Dip Pre-Treatment Systems

TD Finishing Dip Pre-Treatment Systems are designed for ease of operation and require little maintenance. The process parameters once determined can be partially automated, the equipment can be supplied with dosing pumps, tank filtration systems, RO water units, PH Correction and water recycling plant.

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of commercial and industrial Paint Finishing Systems, complete Finishing Lines and fully equipped Paint Process Plants. Our expert team of engineers and manufacturers provide solution focussed systems, designed specifically for your business.



Dip Pre-Treatment Plant Manufacturers

The heat source of a Dip Pre-Treatment Plant is provided by efficient gas burners for higher temperature stages  with electric heaters used for lower temperatures. Dip Tanks of the system are manufactured from different grades of stainless steel to suit the chemical being used. TD Finishing plant is all designed to full industry and international quality standards to ensure compliance and complete safety. All heated pre-treatment plants also feature full digital temperature control and comprehensive control systems.

Each plant is manufactured bespoke and made-to-order. UK and Global delivery, installation, operator training, service and maintenance is also available.


More Details

If you’d like more details on how TD Finishing can provide your company an in-house professional, industrial Pre-Treatment Plant or process line. Visit our new website – tdfinishing.co.uk, contact us on – 0121 520 8884 or email us directly at – info@tdfinishing.co.uk.

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