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Paint, Powder & Finishing Systems Manufacturer

Get the premium finish your products deserve, by beginning with a professional start. Get the very best in Paint Finishing Technology, Machinery, Design and Engineering; fully manufactured, supplied and installed by TD Finishing.

The UK's Leading Commercial & Industrial

Paint & Powder Systems Manufacturer

Our range of Powder Coating Machinery ranges from; Pre-Treatment and Application systems to Curing and Drying Ovens. Established for over 20 years, TD Finishing have evolved a wide and diverse range of state-of-the-art Paint and Powder Finishing Systems. Manufactured in the UK, supplied Globally.

Paint Systems Manufacturer

TD Finishing manufactures and supplies a wide range of products and machinery for all stages of industrial Powder Coating and Finishing.

Installation, Service & Repair

Bespoke designed Powder Coating systems, manufactured by us, designed entirely for you. Delivery, installation, repair and servicing also available.


UK Paint Finishing Systems Manufacturers

TD Finishing based in the UK, with our head office based in the West Midlands. Over the past 20 years we have led the field in Paint and Finishing Systems technology and systems with our wide and diverse range of installations for Globally leading brands and companies. Providing manufacturers, suppliers and customers exact solutions, designed for each individual business.

Manufactured By Us. Designed Entirely For You.


Our Products


Paint, Powder & Finishing Systems

Spray Pre-Treatment Systems

Spray Pre-Treatment Systems

Pre-Treatment Systems range from a simple 2 stage process with chemical degrease and rinse, to a 7 or more stage system including phosphate coating.
Dip Pre-Treatment Systems

Dip Pre-Treatment Systems

Dip Pre-Treatment Systems range from Heated Tanks & Overhead Transporter Systems to fully welded Pre-Treatment Dip Tanks & complete process lines.
Powder Coating Systems

Powder Coating Systems

Powder Coating Systems available for each stage of Paint Finishing, including; Pre-Treatment & Application Systems to Curing & Drying Ovens.
Overhead Conveyor Systems

Overhead Conveyor Systems

Popular Powder Coating Overhead Conveyor Systems available in any design, size or specification required, UK & Globally.

Paint & Powder Systems - Manufacturers

TD Finishing lead the way with innovative technology, premium manufacturing and expert engineering applied to each system designed, manufactured and installed.

Get the premium finish your products deserve, by beginning with a professional start.

Curing & Drying Ovens

Curing & Drying Ovens

Get the right finish by beginning with a professional start! TD Finishing manufacture and supply all types of commercial and industrial Curing and Drying Ovens available in any size or specification. Types available range from; HI-Lo and Fully-Modulating (Gas & Air) and Direct Gas Burner Options, to Overhead and Flat Bed Conveyor Oven Systems and Infrared Drying and Curing Ovens.

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Bespoke Paint, Powder & Finishing System Specialists

Fully Automated Excellence & Machine Precision


Bespoke Design & Fabricated Systems

We manufacture technologically advanced, heavy-duty Powder Coating Systems designed for Industrial and Commercial customers, manufacturers and factories based throughout the UK and Globally. We make it our mission to provide solution focussed systems that provide better return on investment, increased productivity and output capacity.

Each Powder Coating Finishing System or Curing Oven we design, engineer and supply, is manufactured by us, designed exactly for your business. Delivery and installation is also provided, operator training is also available with all systems and ovens TD Finishing supply.