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Professional Powder Coating Systems: UK Manufactured & Installed

by TD Finishing Ltd
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More and more UK manufacturers make the move towards in-house paint, powder and finishing facilities.

Many manufacturers outsource to third parties when it comes to powder coating and finishing their products, due to the economy over the past few years, more and more are opting for their own in-house capabilities.

TD Finishing have supported a record number of UK manufactures over the past few years with the ability to process their own product finishing. We have installed numerous paint, powder and finishing plants throughout the UK of the last 20 years, providing customers with faster turnarounds, lower costs and overall increased productivity and profitability.


Professional Powder Coating Systems

(for integration with Professional Powder Coating Plants)

We work hand-in-hand with customers to provide an exact solution, tailored for your products and company requirements. TD Finishing manufacture and supply the following state-of-the-art professional Powder Coating Systems, for use with Powder Coating Plants.

  • Conveyorized Powder Coating Systems
  • Manual & Monorail Conveyors
  • Powder & Free Systems
  • Standalone Box Ovens

We also supply infrared ovens for simple one-dimensional products, or as a pre-gel system. This prevents cross contamination during a colour change.

Our Plant Control Panels offer the latest technology to give full control of the plant, the popular TD Connect control system is also available.


The Main Types of Production…

There are two main types of production, these are Batch Production and Continuous Production. Depending on the type of production your facility requires, determines the type of plant you’ll need.


Batch Production
A basic batch production system usually involves a manual clean down procedure, a powder booth with spray gun and a box oven, this set up can be enhanced with a simple manual conveyor. There are times that a box oven batch system is the most suitable for your powder coating operation, this is something our engineers can discuss to help you decide on a plant that works for you.

Alternatively, you can use a more advanced cassette batch-conveyor system. A manual batch conveyor helps with reducing manual-handling, powder knock-off and space requirements. Moreover, batch production has the benefits of being small, low cost and flexible.


Continuous Production
A powered conveyorised system offers many advantages over a batch system. Firstly, and most importantly, being the continuous and consistent finishing of high-volume manufactured products. Secondly, the lack of manual intervention prevents mechanical damage from handling, as well as vastly reducing rejection rates.

The continuous conveyor reduces manual handling to loading and unloading only. A suitable powder booth means human operators, reciprocators or a mix of both can ensure full, consistent powder coverage. Whilst a curing oven, specifically designed for powder coating, ensure a full even and consistent cure across all products.

A continuous production system will typically be made up of a 3 to 5 stage pre-treatment combined with a drying oven, a powder booth, a curing oven and conveyor system. The pre-treatment greatly depends on the client’s requirements. It is also often as high as 9 or 10 stages. Where floor space may be limited, or a particularly hazardous chemical treatment is required, a separate dip pre-treatment plant and powder coating facility will be supplied.


Professional Powder Coating Plant – What You’ll Need

All Powder Coating Systems we manufacture and supply are for integration with current Powder Coating Plants or as part of full plant replacements and upgrades. To establish a Powder Coating Plant, from scratch you will need to consider the below aspects, at very minimum – in order to run a professional finishing line;

TD Finishing specialise in providing customers made-to-order Powder Coating Plants, that consist of all areas required. If customers already have a plant in place and are looking to replace / upgrade various areas of the plant, our expert team of engineers have the skills and ability to integrate upgrades to existing plants.


More Details

If you’d like more details on how TD Finishing can provide your company an in-house professional, industrial Powder Coating Plant or process line. Contact us on – 0121 520 8884 or email us directly at – info@tdfinishing.co.uk.


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